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Growing up in a family of doctors and having extensive healthcare background myself, I understand dentists and other healthcare professionals’ frustration with marketing. Dentists are trained to heal; intuitively, patient acquisition should be based on dentists’ healing skills. However, in the internet age, simple word-of-mouth is no longer enough.

As dental marketing experts, our job is to free up dentists to focus on their patients. At YoYoFuMedia, we will team up with you to create a tailored strategic plan. Then we deliver the patients.  

Unlike some marketing companies, we don’t promise total transparency. We will not bother you with every minutia of our proprietary work, because we are not a teaching course. As a dental marketing company, what we promise is a steady, hassle-free stream of new patients (20+/month on average). 

A successful dental marketing campaign is a process that requires time and dedication. I personally promise you that our certified team of experts will work tirelessly until we get you the results that your dentistry deserves. Please feel free to explore further, or contact us at (949) 264-2217.

Best Wishes,

Eric Fu

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As a dental marketing company, we limit the number of clients for our team in order to guarantee quality of service. Contact us to reserve your spot today!

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