10 New Veneer Patients for a Practice In Its Opening Month!

Dr. ZaK was about to open A new practice.

His new practice specialized in veneers and did nothing else.

He found us on Facebook and after talking to us, started working with us to setup his online marketing right away. 

Dr. Zak knew that he couldn’t rely on referrals, especially for a brand new practice.

He understood how critical it was to have ads up and running asap.

As a result in the opening month he got 10 veneer patients appointment requests from the ads alone.

At $2000 per tooth * 4-8 teeth per patient * 10 patient appointments, calculate it for yourself…

that’s easily six figures in potential revenue every month!

He’s well on his way to a million dollar practice.

We have client exclusivity per zip code so claim your spot now before your competitor takes it.

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